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Hello, my name is Dylan and I live in Belfast, UK.
18 | ♂ | pansexual. I get sad a lot and always complain about my life and myself.

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At Uni with Ben Stiller and Rosi :)


i almost fucking choked to death reading this

#'officer i realize i just ran three red lights at 100mph but MY TYRANITAR WILL NOT BE DEFEATED'

I’m at the airport now


I might not be cute but at least my underwear is

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Many people who are transitioning have no access to compression clothing, or simply can’t afford it, so I decided, hey why not help out some people for absolutely zero cost to them, no strings attached! So every penny raised will go directly towards purchasing compression clothing and the like to help transitioning be easier!
Donate here!
To sign up please shoot me an email at with the following info:
Full name:
Clothing needed:
Color preference:

Also I’ve decided to do a little giveaway for this (since I finished the ones I already had :’) Roxy and Jake were really fun to put together for you guys!!) anyways,  if you donate $1 or more you will be entered into a giveaway for 1 entire cosplay of your choice! I will be ending the giveaway on Christmas! !So yeah if you donate $1 or more just contact me and I’ll put you in the drawing!! :’)

Only $113 raised so far but over 70 people have signed up!! Please signal boost this so we can hopefully accommodate everyone who signed up so far!!

11 people have already been helped! I decided to donate $120 of my own money so 6 more people have binders coming soon!!!ALSO a super cool thing happened my mothers coworkers (as a group) have agreed to match any donation recieved!!! (Thank u for being chill with this mom) So that way even more people can get what they need!!  Over 150 have signed up for this so I really hope we can help all of them!!!


why are people mean to Steve Buscemi?  People literally go to live events and tell him he’s ugly and freaky to his face.  Why would you ever do that? Steve Buscemi has never done anything to you.  Steve Buscemi is really nice.  He does volunteer work.  He used be a firefighter.  He was the best man at Stanley Tucci’s wedding.  There is literally no reason to be mean to Steve Buscemi.

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What are the chances that this photo will ever appear in the mainstream media?